Saturday, May 1, 2010

Weekend B3 Game

Three weeks ago, my wife Heather and I had a couple friends over. They'd pretty much never done any tabletop roleplaying, but they'd heard that I was working on some stuff for Brave Halfling, so they asked if we could play some D&D. I said, sure, and whipped out the Moldvay Basic Rules and Module B3. After about a half-hour of character creation, they were happily hacking away at skeletons and giant rats in the gatehouse below the Silver Palace. They've been back every weekend since to continue the game. After three sessions, they've gotten through almost 3/4 of the lower level of the palace.

Here's a couple pictures Heather took. In the first one, notice my awesome homemade B/X screen. The second picture shows Lawson, a first time player concentrating on getting every detail onto his map. (He's very proud of the map!)

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