Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Secret Invisible Gygax Dungeon

I know this map has made the rounds, but I was futzing around with it in Photoshop, hoping to get more detail, and what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a strange sunflower-shape dead center of the dungeon. 

What is it? 

A watermark logo on the graph paper? Probably...

Or could it possibly be the outline of the next level of Castle Greyhawk faintly showing
 through the page?!?

Has anyone else discovered this?

Click the pic for more detail...

The original image can be found here:

UPDATE: Grodog at Dragonsfoot sent me a better copy of the image file, and I was able to pull out a bit more detail. Here it is:

Again, click for more detail.


  1. probably we'll never know but fun to speculate. has anyone done a decent analysis of the text there? i can make out "+1 dagger" on the 2nd to bottom line. :)

  2. I tried to clean up the text, but didn't have much luck. I'll try to post an image of what I've got later tonight.

    The line you're referring to looks more like "2d damage TRAP" to me.

  3. oh sorry, not the VERY bottom line, i meant line 17. the one you're referring to, btw, looks more like " 20' deep trap " to me. lol ~ gah! my eyes arr bleedin'! see my post here too.

  4. Hey, great meeting you at the con. And thanks for the Contemptible Cube update. [looking at profile] Wait, I didn't know you were in Austin, (like me). Or did I? I'm so bad with names and faces.

    We should get together, email me sometime njharman@knoggin.com Been mulling over having another Texas old-school/blogger get together, a BBQ.

  5. Hi Norman! It was good to meet you as well. Yep, I'm here in Austin. In fact, I'll be seeing you Sunday at the D&D meetup.

    As for that old-school-get-together, Alex at Dragonsfoot is already working on it. Here's the thread:


  6. Damn! What on earth is that? We were poring over that image over at Knights & Knaves - your image manipulation-fu seems better than mine for sure...

  7. It bears a striking resemblance to the BP logo, actually. What's the thread over on Knights & Knaves? I'd love to read what others have made of it.