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Dungeon Module XQ1
The Castle that Fell from the Sky
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PRINT: $9.80 
PDF: $5.45 

XQ1 MAP/STAT PACK: $0.00 (Download) 
Dungeon Module SS1
The Odboxx of Zoforon
Available on
PRINT (A5 Size): $9.40 
PDF: $5.45 
Available on DriveThruRPG/RPGNow
PRINT (Digest Size): $9.99

SS1 MAP/STAT PACK: $0.00 (Download) 
Dungeon Module HG1
The Kringle Castle Invaders
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PRINT: $9.80 
PDF: $5.45 

HG1 MAP/STAT PACK: $0.00 (Download) 
Dungeon Module UR1
The Tomb of the Sea Kings
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PRINT (A5 size): $9.50 
PDF: $5.43
Available on DriveThruRPG/RPGNow
Print (Digest Size): $9.99

UR1 MAP/STAT PACK: $0.00 (Download)

Print versions of these modules include a center "pull out" section with maps and encounter stat sheets. For those who don't want to remove those middle pages, or who would like high resolution files from which the various maps & stat sheets can be printed, please download the FREE MAP/STAT PACKS linked above.

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NTRPG CON 2017 Module KK2
The Mystic Cup of Gygax

PDF: $0.00

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  1. hi There, I have just started The Tomb of the Sea Princes and it was such a success the party want me to run the next game before the usual planned time. - A first and excellent little module. I have just purchased Odbox but I cannot see where I can purchase the Vile Worm adventure. Can you point me where?