Monday, December 5, 2016

Printable Maps, Stat Sheets, & Visual Aids for Module SS1: The Odboxx of Zoforon

The print version of SS1 The Odboxx of Zoforon has a multi-page center "pull out" section with maps of 3 multi-room encounter areas, monster statistic matrices, and 4 illustrated visual aids for players. For those who don't want to remove those middle pages, or who would like high resolution files  from which the various maps & stat sheets can be printed, here is a link to a PDF file of those pages:

SS1 The Odboxx of Zoforon: Printable Maps, Stat Sheets, and Visual Aids


Also, please check out the Christmas adventure module, HG1 The Kringle Castle Invaders. It's perfect for a quick old-school holiday-themed campaign! You can view play reports and photos from folks who ran it last Christmas over on the K&KA boards.