Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The fifth session of my SKULL MOUNTAIN game will be running this Sunday at Dragons Lair Games in Austin, TX. If you'd like to join the game, you can sign up at The Austin D&D Meetup, or just show up at 1:00 PM on Sunday, September 19.

Here's the "Kill Sheet" from session 3 (at the Central Texas Mini-Con). Seven characters and 4 retainers entered the dungeon that day; 1 player character and two retainers made it out! But man! Look at all the loot Zerhain the Lucky walked away with!

Friday, September 10, 2010

From The Scrolls of Skrel, Excerpt B

The Elves of Planet Eris

The elves are known as the people of the four stars, for it is said they hail from the stars of Failias, Goirias, Murias, and Findias. On planet Eris, these stars are visible in the northern sky. The elves are a divine race, knowing no death due to length of years or passing of the æons. They came unto Eris twice. The first invasion, in the 11th Æon of this world was repelled by the demons of the icy wastes on the plain of the southern tower. When they returned in the 31st Æon, they drove the giants to the far reaches of the north, and the elves finally established their dominion over all of Eris. But their supremacy was short-lived. The divine race was vanquished in the 33rd Æon, when earthmen first appeared on Eris. It is believed that the “pure remnant” of these conquered immortals retreated beneath the land and sea to a parallel inner world. Certain of their progeny, however, persist on the surface world as half-elves (the product of a visitation of a divine elf upon a human female), or, as changelings (full-blood elves that are swapped at birth with human children). While commonly shunned when their faerie natures are first discovered, the most gifted of these half-elves and changelings come oft into the service of human princes and emperors as expert hirelings, sages, and advisors. The balance of their kind, however, must make their way in the world of men by cunning and wit. And it is from this pool that the typical elven adventurer is generally drawn.

The article above was found among the Scrolls of Skrel, a lesser scribe at the Last Outpost of the Sparn Empire in the 66th æon of Eris.