Sunday, March 1, 2020

Owl Con Live Blog Day 3.1

Well, the final round of games are about start. I expect things will start winding down after that. It's been fun! This was my first Owl Con and I though it was very cool. A good mix of games, well attended, and larger than I expected. It was also my first time hawking The Scribes of Sparn stuff at a sales booth, and that went well, too.

I need to start packing it up and moving it out soon, so I leave you with the following very cool miniatures games...   ... Signing off!!!

Owl Con Live Blog Day 3.0

Back in the Grand Hall with Steven this morning. Saw some folks I recognized from NTRPG Con. They stopped to look at our stuff and Steven demonstrated how some of the Planet Eris map textures were created.