Friday, March 25, 2022

Skull Mountain Reboot in East TN

North of the last outpost of Sparn, through the cannibal haunted jungles of Brool, a boulder-strewn crag rises from the mists. An enormous stone reptile skull sits atop the rugged formation. Some say it is an odd natural formation, while others insist it is the petrified remains of a primordial unhuman god.

Whatever its origins, tales of Skull Mountain all agree: incredible treasure and unmatched glory await those bold and foolish enough to penetrate the mountain, unravel its secrets, and brave its untold dangers. Of course such treasure and glory will only accrue to those who can return alive!

The Planet Eris campaign is rebooting in East Tennessee near Knoxville. If you are in the area and would like to join, you can sign up via the Oak Ridge Old School D&D Meetup Group.



  1. Hi Jimm, I had a question about your Planet Eris house rules. Can I post that question here or is there another way I can contact you? Thanks!

  2. Kicking off my own Planet Eris campaign in about a month. I love the idea of using Skull mountain too. Have you ever shared any of your skull mountain maps/keys? I love your other adventures and official Jimm Johnson head start would be awesome.