Wednesday, October 31, 2018

XQ1 The Castle that Fell from the Sky

"This is an excellent adventure... ...I really want to run it." 
- Jeff Talanian (creator of AS&SH rpg)
Now available on

The Castle that Fell from the Sky


PDF (A5):


You can preview the module at any of the links above. (Additional info about the module in the NTRPG Con post below.)

Keywords: D&D Dungeon Adventure Module RPG


  1. Will this be available on DriveThruRPG/RPGNow too? I have some store credit to burn...

  2. I'll get the PDF version up on DTRPG in the next couple days. (Unfortunately, due to the limitations of their printer, I am unable to make the digest print version available through DTRPG because it has more pages than they allow in that format.)

    1. Didn't know about such limit. Still, I'm okay with having only the pdf. Thanks for the answer! :)

    2. I will be at the Texas Mini-Con in Camp Allen, TX over the weekend. I will get it on DTRPG next Monday or Tuesday.

    3. Cool, I can wait till then, no pressure. :)

  3. Now available on DTRPG at the added "PDF (DIGEST)" link in the OP.

  4. Can you tell me if this is SciFi fantasy crossover or pure fantasy adventure please?

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