Friday, August 20, 2010

Back from the Jungle

I made it out alive! I'm back from the jungles of Costa Rica.

Regarding the Central Texas Mini-Con: The con is still on, but due to low registration for the event, my SKULL MOUNTAIN game is cancelled. I'll still be attending as a player in Alex's Mentzer Basic "Egyptian Tomb" game. If your interested in playing there may be a seat left. Contact Alex via the Mini-Con thread at the Dragonsfoot forums. SKULL MOUNTAIN will return in September for the Austin D&D Meetup that is being planned for September 19 at Dragon's Lair games. I'll post sign-up links as soon as they are available.

When not carving my way through the treacherous jungles, I used my two-week vacation to do an intensive study of the LBB's and create this map of the Sparn Empire of Planet Eris (the setting for my SKULL MOUNTAIN game and, of course, home world of the vile wizard, Quazar!).