Monday, June 14, 2010

From The Scrolls of Skrel, Excerpt A

The Apes of Brool

The jungles north of the last outpost of Sparn are known generally as The Jungles of Brool. Not commonly known, however, is the origin of this name. There are several tribes of white apes that habitate within this area. These creatures are uncommonly cunning, and at least some of their number are capable of speech. All of these tribes refer to themselves as "The Apes of Brool," which may, on first blush, seem a simple reference to the name of the jungle in which they dwell. The apes, however, maintain an oral tradition that offers another explanation. Brool, they claim, was their greatest king, ruler of a vast ape empire which existed sometime in the distant past-- perhaps five or six æons ago, perhaps more. According to the white apes, this empire spanned the entire length and breadth of what we now know as The Jungles of Brool. The truth of this account remains uncertain. However, there are reports of ruins and crumbling stones within the jungle which bear carvings of apes and monkeys preparing for war, practicing agriculture, and populating temples and fortresses.

The article above was found among the Scrolls of Skrel, a lesser scribe at the Last Outpost of the Sparn Empire in the 66th æon of Eris.

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