Saturday, July 19, 2014

UR1 The Tomb of the Sea Kings

Heh! It's been a while!

Lawson "Blood Master" Bennet (one of the co-DMs in my Planet Eris campaign) and I just put out the first official Planet Eris module:

The Tomb of the Sea Kings



You can preview the module at either of the lulu links above. Tenkar did a mini-review of the NTRPG Con version of the module that you can read here:

A number of typos present in the NTRPG version were corrected for the lulu version, and a very small amount of content was added to the intro and "appendix" sections. We also changed the letter code to UR1. (The version sold at the con was coded LB1. Only 30 of those were printed. So if you've got one it's a collector's item!)


  1. Congrats on getting this for sale to the public, and it's good to see you posting again!

    1. Thanks, Mack. Good to here from you as well!