Saturday, July 19, 2014

Heh! It's been a while!

Lawson "Blood Master" Bennet (one of the co-DMs in my Planet Eris campaign) and I just put out the first official Planet Eris module:

The Tomb of the Sea Kings



You can preview the module at either of the lulu links above. Tenkar did a mini-review of the NTRPG Con version of the module that you can read here:

A number of typos present in the NTRPG version were corrected for the lulu version, and a very small amount of content was added to the intro and "appendix" sections. We also changed the letter code to UR1. (The version sold at the con was coded LB1. Only 30 of those were printed. So if you've got one it's a collector's item!)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monday, June 13, 2011

Just In Case You Want To Make Your Own...

...And if making your own is too much effort, 
SESSION 30 of my SKULL MOUNTAIN megadungeon will be running Sunday, June 19, 12:30 to 6 PM, at King's Hobby Shop in Austin, TX. If you'd like to join the game, you can sign up at The Austin D&D Meetup, or just show up.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Skull Mountain: Session 27

The 27th session of my SKULL MOUNTAIN megadungeon will be running Sunday, May 22, 12:30 to 6 PM, at King's Hobby Shop in Austin, TX. If you'd like to join the game, you can sign up at The Austin D&D Meetup, or just show up.

Here's the standard blurb:
Two days north of the last outpost of the Sparn Empire, through the cannibal haunted jungles of Brool, across the piranha teeming river, a great boulder-strewn crag rises from the mists. An enormous, leering reptile skull sits atop the rugged formation. Some say the skull is an odd natural formation, while others insist it is the petrified remains of some primordial unhuman god. Whatever its origins, the whispered tales of Skull Mountain all agree on one thing: incredible treasure and unmatched glory await those bold and foolish enough to penetrate the mountain, unravel its dark secrets, and brave its untold dangers. Of course such treasure and glory will only accrue to those who can return alive!
This is an OD&D/Swords & Wizardry scenario for beginning or experienced players with low to mid-level characters. New characters will be created at the table before play begins. Returning characters who are entered in the Skull Mountain Book of Names are also welcome.

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kid's D&D In Print / Skull Mountain Update

If you liked my Kids' D&D rules (here), be sure to download the free PDF of Encounter Magazine #4. It has an awesomely slick-looking magazine-layout version of the kids' rules and a polished version of the kid's adventure to go with it.

UPDATE: Surfing the blogosphere, I noticed a few recent reviews of Encounter #4 and my kids' rules article. Here are the links...

Also... My ongoing Skull Mountain megadungeon game slogs on!

The 25th session will be running Sunday, April 24 at noon at King's Hobby Shop in Austin, TX. You can sign up at the Austin D&D Meetup Group, or just show up at noon.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Contemptible Cube of Quazar

Somebody out there has posted it:


If you run it, I want a full report!

EDIT: For monster stats, see the Swords & Wizardry Monster Book.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Homebrew D&D for Kids

UPDATE: A few people have asked for a PDF of my rules for kids:

(Scroll down the page for a PDF of the Kid's Character Sheet.)

Having nothing better to do the Friday after Thanksgiving, I whipped up a quick dungeon and house-ruled a kid-friendly version of basic D&D. Fun was had by all as knights, wizards, elves, and dwarves braved the strange caverns to rescue the enchanted sword of the faerie queen.

Below are some photos from the session, as well as my new house-rules for kids, a kid-friendly character sheet, the map of the dungeon, and even the encounter key!

There are four character classes to choose from in Kids' D&D: knight, wizard, elf, and dwarf. The knight and wizard class titles may be changed to “warrior princess” or “enchantress” respectively if the player so desires.


Special Ability: In combat a knight gets 2 attacks every round.

Starting Equipment: Plate mail, shield, sword, torch.

Armor Class: 2


Special Ability: Each day, a wizard can use his staff to cast two spells per level of experience. At 1st level a wizard gets two 1st level spells, at 2nd level he gets two 2nd level spells, and so on.

Starting Equipment: Staff, dagger, torch.

Armor Class: 9

Special Ability: Each day, an elf can use his wand to cast one spell per level of experience.  At 1st level an elf gets one 1st level spell, at 2nd level he gets one 2nd level spell, and so on.

Starting Equipment: Chain mail, bow and arrows, magic wand, torch.

Armor Class: 5

Special Ability: When searching, a dwarf will automatically find any secret door in the area (i.e. less than 40' away).

Starting Equipment: Plate mail, shield. axe, torch.

Armor Class: 2

There are no ability scores in Kids' D&D. To create a character, choose one of the four character classes, name the character, and draw a picture of the character (not necessarily in that order). Then, on the character record sheet, note the character's level (1), hit points (roll d6), armor class (2, 5, or 9), and saving throw (15). In the appropriate space, note the character's special abilities and equipment, then fill in the “TO HIT” ARMOR CLASS table at the bottom of the record sheet. The character needs a 10 to hit AC 9, an 11 to hit AC 8, a 12 to hit AC 7, and so on.

For a printable PDF of the Kids' D&D character sheet, CLICK HERE.

At 1st level all characters roll 1d6 for hit points, with an additional d6 each time a character gains an experience level. All characters begin with a saving throw of 15, which improves by two each time the character gains an experience level.

Experience points are gained at a rate of 100 x.p. per HD of monster defeated and 1 x.p. per g.p. value of treasure found. After each adventure, earned x.p. should be divided evenly among the surviving characters. An experience level is gained when a character accrues experience points equal to his current level x 1000. Thus, a 1st level character would need to earn 1000 experience points to achieve 2nd level. A 2nd level character would need an additoinal 2000 experience points (for a total of 3000) to reach 3rd level.

Character's LevelExperience Points Needed

A roll of a 1 or 2 on d6 will indicate success when a character attempts any of the following actions: listening at a door, opening a stuck door, searching for hidden items or secret doors. (NOTE: If the searching character is a dwarf he will automatically find any secret doors in the immediate area. For every failed attempt to open a stuck door, the DM should make a secret check for wandering monsters.)

When miniatures are used, the movement rate for all characters is 3 squares (i.e. 15') per round on a 1” grid or other playing surface where 1” = 5 feet. The movement rate in squares per round for monsters is equal to their base move rate divided by 3. For example, a goblin with a base move rate of 6” would move 2 squares, or 10' per round; a giant ant with a move rate of 18” would move 6 squares, or 30' per round.

Spells for wizards and elves are drawn from the spell lists of both clerics and magic-users. The DM may limit available spells to a few per spell level, based upon their understandability and ease of use by new or young players.


cure light wounds



magic missile

find traps


speak with animal





lightning bolt

remove curse

charm monster

neutralize poison


wizard eye


hold monster



wall of stone


  1. 2 giant ants and a cauldron that produces a magical face in the smoke that rises from within. Once per day the face says, "Ask me three yea or nay questions."

  2. 5 giant rats. In one corner is a barrel of cider. On top of the barrel is a coiled 50' rope and a bottle labeled "cure for poison." Leaning against the barrel is a sack full of apples, and a sack with 250 silver coins.

  3. A golden living statue wearing a gold key on a chain about its neck. He will give the key to anyone who asks for it nicely. The key unlocks the door to room #4. In the corner of the room is a burning brazier. Anyone who approaches it and says, "Use your power, O magic brazier," will be affected by its power. Roll d6: 1). heal 1d6 damage, 2.) turns character into a small animal, 3.) character loses all hair, 4.) character's skin turns color, 5.) character falls asleep for 10 min., 6.) a pouch containing 20 g.p. appears.

  4. The door to this room is locked. Inside are 4 goblins, and an owl bear chained to the back wall. There is also a giant centipede hiding in a crack in the north wall.

  5. The secret passage leads to the treasure pit. The treasure consists of the faerie queens sword, 2 bags of gold (100 coins each), and a chest containing 200 silver pieces and 10 ruby gems (worth 20 g.p. each).