Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Contemptible Cube of Quazar

So this is my new blog. Never run one before, so it may be a few days/weeks before I figure out how everything works. I'm titling this blog after my recent submission (and winning entry) to the 2010 One-Page-Dungeon contest: The Contemptible Cube of Quazar. (Such a cheesy-
yet-cool name.)

Not only did "The Cube" place in the contest, but Fight On! magazine has requested a cleaned-up version of the scenario for publication in their 9th issue. Can't wait for that!

Here's the backstory/teaser to the adventure:

Quazar, a powerful evil magic-user from planet Eris has accidentally transported himself and his cube-like stronghold to Earth. He is trapped in his Inner Sanctum until he can be freed by The Four Sacred Keys. In the meantime, the uncontrolled denizens of his fortress venture forth at night to feed and plunder the local villages. 


  1. I was one of the judges of this year's 1PDC, and I can tell you for sure that yours was one of the more creative entries...though if you ever actually run it for a play group, I'd like to read a full report. Yowza!
    ; )

  2. Thanks, JB. I'm currently running B3 for a small group of mostly new players. When they're a little less wet behind the ears maybe I'll introduce them to the cube. If that happens I'll try to post some sort of game log for you.